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The Enterprise Act 2002 has introduced several amendments to the now longstanding Insolvency Act 1986. This completely revised edition of Bankruptcy Explained deals with the resultant changes in the various aspects of bankruptcy law. This book is the Bankruptcy Association’s most popular practical guide book to the United Kingdom’s insolvency legislation. It covers the law in every country of the United Kingdom. It also includes a chapter that deals with limited companies.

88 pages, Paperback Book


This book explains the world of credit scoring and most of the main methods that lenders use to assess the financial standing of intending borrowers. Creditors use a variety of techniques to give every individual and business a credit score. The higher the credit score achieved, then the easier it will be for that person or business to borrow money.

This book also explains how people can raise their credit scores. It explains other aspects of how credit lending is monitored and policed. Written against the background of a major world banking crisis caused by risky interbank lending policies, this book will be increasingly relevant in the much more restrained lending regimes that now exist.

66 pages, Paperback Book


The law regarding property in bankruptcy is complex and as such it can be difficult to find the best route to save the family home. Changes to our bankruptcy laws have made this issue even more confusing added to which court judgements have removed any protection there once was. Purchasing the interest in the family home from an official receiver or trustee in bankruptcy can be the single most important aspect of being bankrupt. This Bankruptcy Association guide describes the process and details how to conduct negotiations for the family home. This book also includes template letters necessary to purchase the interest in the family home in bankruptcy.

64 pages, Paperback Book


This book is designed to be a guide to settling debts with creditors. It offers a proven system to apply to both business and consumer debt problems that the Bankruptcy Association has applied successfully over many years. By using the guidance offered in this book many people will find that they themselves can deal with what they thought were overwhelming debt problems.

72 pages, Paperback Book


In this book John McQueen details how the implementation and use of the correct legal format can protect personal assets in business. The real consequences of using different formats are vividly illustrated by the use of real life examples taken from members of the Bankruptcy Association. Through his work with the Bankruptcy Association, John McQueen is uniquely placed to assess the reasons for business failure and to offer advice on how to implement changes to protect personal assets in business.

72 pages, Paperback Book


This book has a very definite view point born our of real life experience. My brother’s experiences in bankruptcy drew a line in the sand for me. I stand firmly on the side of the courageous people whose lives have been destroyed by a wretched machine designed not for the betterment of the citizens of this nation, either the debtors or the creditors, but for the convenience and benefit of those that administrate and run the UK’s bankruptcy machine. The stories and history of the Bankruptcy Association related in this book provide an insight into the way bankrupt people and people in debt are treated in this country.

72 pages, Paperback Book