John McQueen - Founder of The Bankruptcy AssociationWelcome to the Bankruptcy Association website. I founded the Bankruptcy Association in 1983 after my eldest brother, Jim, a builder went bankrupt for the second time. He had first gone bankrupt as a young man, recovered from that bankruptcy, and then went bankrupt again twenty years later, due to tax debts. I feel sure that the pressures that he was subjected to under our bankruptcy system contributed to his early death in 1989, when he was just 49 years old. I had also experienced horrendous debt problems myself after going to university as a mature student, whilst I had a wife and three young children to support. My involvement, therefore, is close and personal. I know how it feels to be burdened and humiliated with debt problems.

Many people enter into bankruptcy with little or no understanding of how this legal device works and are therefore unprepared for a bankruptcy. Many of the problems encountered during a bankruptcy or caused by debt can be averted or at the least minimised through the use of a little knowledge and careful planning. We have written several self help advice books which are based on over twenty years practical experience in dealing with these matters. The advice given in these books has been used successfully by a great many people.

There is still very little truly independent advice for people in debt or entering bankruptcy. Almost all advice offered is tainted in some way. Debt and bankruptcy is still a multi-million pound ‘industry’ that exploits the misfortune of people in debt. Thanks to experience gained in over twenty years of advising people in debt and bankruptcy the Bankruptcy Association shines a spotlight on this strange world and offers a guiding hand to help others through what can be one of the most traumatic periods in their lives.